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If you would like to help support the Fortress of Louisbourg, either behind the scenes or as one of our animators, why not join the Fortress Louisbourg Association? Our members have special access to programs not open to the general public and the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to preserve our local history for future generations. Members also receive a special membership card that entitles them to a 5% discount at the Fortress of Louisbourg’s restaurants and gift boutiques.

Anyone can join regardless of age, though any children under the age of 18 will not be able to vote at the Association’s meetings. The fee for single a single adult or child is $10, while families can join together for only $15.

Joining is easy! Fill out our online membership application form available below:


Parents and teachers alike have experienced the frustration of trying to get children interested in our nation’s history. Historical textbooks tend to be dry and boring, but there’s one sure-fire way to have your child begging to learn more: enroll him or her in our Children’s Animation Program. It combines children’s love of make believe with a hands-on historical learning experience that’s not only fun for the child but also helps breathe life into the reconstructed Fortress.

For one week in the summer children as young as five dress up in authentic replica costumes and pretend they’re living in 1744. They’ll sing traditional French songs, play the games their ancestors played hundreds of years ago, and learn what it was like to live as a peasant child in Louisbourg during the 18th century. Our visitors love to see the children and the children love to be seen. Each year over 250 children participate in the program.

To enroll, children must be members of the Fortress of Louisbourg Association and be between the ages of 5 and 12, and have completed at least one year of school.


If you had fun dressing up in historic costumes and pretending you were from 1744 in the Children’s Animation Program but have gotten a little too old for it, the Youth Apprentice Program may be right up your alley. It carries over from the children’s program and is an exciting way to learn what it was like for peasant teenagers in New France that will only take up one week of your summer break from school.

The Youth Apprenticeship Program is a great way to build confidence, learn public speaking and communication skills, and develop your leadership and teamwork abilities. Not only will you learn a thing or two that might help you in school, but you will make friendships and form memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

For five days during the Fortress’ peak season, you will dress in authentic replica clothing and train with Parks Canada animators. Apprentices may choose from one of the two programs : A Working Classs Life or A Lady’s Life.

A Working Class Life

In A Working Class Life (max 4 participants per week)apprentices will receive instruction in several of the following activities*:

Morning: Cooking, Gardening, Domestic Crafts, Forge, Military, Bakery

Afternoon: Cleaning, Laundry, Gardening, Boat Building, Stacking / Chopping Wood, Rope Work

*Due to scheduling and availability some activities may not be offered on some days.

*Individual preferences cannot always be accomodated.

A Lady's Life

In A Lady’s Life (max 2 participants per week), apprentices specify one of the following projects:

Bobbin Lace-Making (take-away bookmark),

Sewing (take-away lingerie cap)

Embroidering (take-away handkerchief)

To enroll, you must be a member of the Fortress of Louisbourg Association, be between the ages of 13 and 16,