La Taverne Storehouse

The La Taverne Storehouse project was launched in the spring of 2021 through the partnerships with local craft brewers with the idea of developing Fortress of Louisbourg-inspired products, as well as the idea to use an otherwise underutilized venue to its fullest potential.

Offering an immersive venue for casual drinks and live music during the day and a new way to innovate and expand upon our evening events, La Taverne Storehouse is an exciting addition to the Fortress Louisbourg Association’s footprint. It is located in the Bigot Storehouse that in 1744 was under the operation of François Bigot. He established his reputation by being able and devoted service as Île Royale’s commissaire-ordonnateur from 1739 to 1745, while his sharp investments simultaneously laid the foundation of his wealth. Duly promoted, he went on to both fortune and disgrace as the last Intendant of New France.

The inclusion of partnered products in this project connects directly to our mission of striving to foster a better appreciation of Canada and the history and culture of the Fortress of Louisbourg through tangible sensory experiences. Each product draws inspiration from and facilitates the telling of different stories related to the Fortress of Louisbourg.

Our partnered products are featured below along with information about the local craft breweries. To learn more about the stories of these products and their connection to our historic site, be sure to follow the links to view our interpretive videos.


Fortress™ Rum 5th Anniversary - Worth Protecting

Fortress™ Rum

A bottle of rum. It summons the image of soldiers and sailors, taverns, card games and sea shanties. This strong inexpensive spirit was the drink of choice for Louisbourg residents in the 18th century.

After making the long ocean journey from sugar cane plantations in the West Indies, barrels were transported from ships to Louisbourg. Many drinking establishments had you arrived on these rocky shores. 300 years ago, you would have had your pick of over 75 taverns to visit and that’s only the legal ones.

Perhaps you would choose the waterfront business belonging to Ma or the one belonging to Madame de. Both taverns catered to the working class, soldiers, sailors and fishermen. You would be served rum, mixed with water, a necessity to dilute the near pure 75% alcohol that flowed directly from the barrels.

There was no standard size for rum models so you could have your pick from the variety of shapes and sizes used by the tavern owners. Rum was also enjoyed by the elite Capitan Michelle Degan, a prominent member of Lewis’s upper echelons was known to have in his possession, a bottle of spiced rum. Ladies such as the governor’s wife served rum punch at their balls and sore. This drink involved a variety of expensive ingredients, sugar, lemon juice, nutmeg, and the ice to chill it on warm summer afternoons. Rum Lewis’s most popular drink continues to be a part of Louisbourg story today.

Authentic sea coasts. Fortress Rum is aged on site allowing the courts sea air to impart a distinct character to this timeless drink. Each bottle bears the image of the King’s bastion is hand dipped and waxed and is sealed with a flirt, a symbol of quality and authenticity.



In September of 1713, a group of 149 men, women, and children arrived on the shores of Louisbourg harbour and began the daunting task of preparing for a deep cold that was only weeks away. That first winter was particularly difficult, but these individuals persevered and came together to forge a community that continues to thrive 300 years later. The natural maple in this beer celebrates the sweetness of new beginnings and pays tribute to the strength and resilience of all those who have called these rocky shores home.


75 Ferry Lane Guysborough, NS, Canada B0H 1N0

Craft beers of rare character. Rare Bird Craft Beer continues the proud Maritimes brewing heritage begun in Guysborough, Nova Scotia in 1659.

Learn more about Rare Bird Craft Beer.


Isle Royale


Outnumbered and out-gunned, the French Compagnies Franches de la Marine and the people of Louisbourg faced the daunting task of holding strong against powerful British forces. This saison-style beer celebrates the bravery of these soldiers, the leadership displayed by Madame Drucour, and the resiliency of the community in the face of adversity.

Our Breton Brewery tasting experience dives into the dramatic 1758 siege – a defining moment in North American history that led to Louisbourg’s fall as a French settlement. These three beers will give you an authentic taste of both the French and English experience at this time:

Seven Years War

“Seven Years” Pale Ale sets the backdrop for the Seven Years War, sometimes described as the first true “world war,” and explains the legacy and impact of this global conflict.

Red Coat

With the goal of North American prominence at hand, the British commenced their campaign to force the French and Spanish settlers out of North America. “Red Coat” Red Ale tells the British perspective of Louisbourg’s fall.


364 Keltic Dr, Sydney, NS B1R 1V7

Bryan and Andrew have always shared a passion for homebrewing. Brewing batch after batch in their kitchens, garages, and driveways (of which their neighbours often mistook as lobster), they honed their skills over the years. Although they both worked in other professions, an entrepreneurial spirit ran through their veins. This would plant the seeds for what would become Breton Brewing Co.

After several years of dreaming and planning, Breton Brewing Co. opened its doors on June 27th, 2015. The company started with keg and growler sales and were welcomed throughout the community and Nova Scotia with open arms. With the help of family and friends, the two worked hard to meet the demand. A year later, in 2016, Breton launched its cans in the NSLC and has since expanded to Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. Breton Brewing Co started with just 3 employees, and now has grown to an amazing team of 20+ people!

Learn more about Breton Brewing Co.

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To see an opportunity and to seize it: that is exactly what Jeanne de Galbarette did with the tavern she operated in Louisbourg during the 18th century. This cider celebrates the undaunted, spirited women all around us, from Jeanne de Galbarette and the other women who found success on the shores of Louisbourg harbour in the 18th Century, to the business owners and entrepreneurs who shape Cape Breton’s vibrant scene today.


52 Nepean St, Sydney, NS B1P 1J2

Craft beers of rare character. Rare Bird Craft Beer continues the proud Maritimes brewing heritage begun in Guysborough, Nova Scotia in 1659.

Learn more about Island Folk Cider House.

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Lured to Louisbourg with the promise of a better life as a soldier, you find yourself shivering through a long winter, surviving on rotten food. Next door, others are living comfortably, enjoying roaring fires and hot meals. You want what they have and you will stop at nothing to get it…including MUTINY! This lager brings life to the history of the mutiny of 1744 and the many stories that go along with it.


16030 Central Ave, Inverness, NS B0E 1N0

With a fierce pride for our beautiful community and surroundings, we welcome all walks of life to come eat, drink, and be present. When you’re on Route 19 all roads lead home!

Located directly across the road from the world renowned Cabot Links Golf Course in beautiful Cape Breton Island along the musical coast of the small rural community of Inverness, Route 19 opened in the spring of 2019 with the intent of providing a friendly and inviting environment with delicious coastal pub fare and carefully crafted beer inside our state of the art three level building accessible to all.

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Tag! You’re It!


The Fortress of Louisbourg is perched on a rocky outcropping, exposed to the wild Atlantic Ocean. This protected area is home to many special coastal plants and animals, as well as 300-year-old cultural resources important to the story of Canada. The historical architecture of the site also makes it an ideal home for two species at risk, the little brown bat and the barn swallow. Unfortunately, the site is on the frontier of climate change, as sea-level rise and coastal erosion alter its landscape each season and encroach on archaeological features. “Tag You’re It” was brewed to create awareness of these issues as well as the protection of endangered species in, and around, Cape Breton. Learn how nature and history connect in Louisbourg and raise a glass to protecting this treasured place.


64 Yankee Line Rd, Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0


A blurry picture of a sweet little farmhouse popped up on their computer screen. They smiled. A few short weeks later Melanie and Jeremy White were standing at the bottom of a curving drive, somewhat stunned to realise they had just bought over 100 acres of pristine Cape Breton farmland. Perched on a southern slope facing the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bras D’Or Lake, a hopyard was planted, and the land was certified organic. Water naturally rich in minerals was perfect for brewing. Construction began.

Ten years later, Big Spruce Brewing is focused on creating exceptional ingredient-driven beer. All of our ales and lagers are brewed with organic grain & hops, and we continually strive to keep giving you the perfect pint, every time.

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Tavern Menu 06-20-23

Storehouse Tavern Taster Experience

Purchaser will receive a voucher to be redeemed for the taster of their choice. Present your voucher to your server at Storehouse Tavern to redeem your taster experience.  Your server will check your ID prior to serving your tasting experience. Redeem anytime from 11am to 4pm at Storehouse Tavern in Bigot Building on the day of your visit.  Recipients purchasing a voucher must be 19+ and must show ID upon redemption.

This program operates from June 26, 2023 to September 30, 2023. All pre-purchases are final and no refunds will be given.  Pre-purchases are valid for the date indicated with this code and must be redeemed on that date.

Purchase a voucher for the Tavern Taster Experience here!