Curious about the history of plants? An avid gardener? Passionate about locally grown and sustainable ingredients? This unique experience is for you! Join us in the garden’s of the Fortress of Louisbourg for a special tour, get to taste fresh ingredients straight from the garden to your dinner table, and engage in the healing properties of plants with a tincture making workshop.

– The event will begin at 3:30 pm in a potager garden.

– One of our knowledgeable interpreters will provide a 30-minute tour of 18th century gardens in Louisbourg.

– During the presentation, guests will be able to harvest vegetables & herbs directly from the garden.

– At the conclusion of the tour, the guests will give their harvested food items to the chef in the restaurant to be prepared into a meal.

– While waiting for the dinner, guests will be lead to the Storehouse Tavern for a private wellness workshop, where they will be able to make a tincture (A choice of 3 possible tinctures will be available) and learn about the health and healing uses of plants by the French in the 18th century. You will be able to keep their tincture as a take- away! We will provide you with a recipe card, so you can make also make your own tinctures at home.

– When the workshop has been completed, enjoy the tavern offers and order drinks from the cash bar, while listening to period music (Drinks also available for purchase throughout the workshop).

– At 6:00pm, guests will be lead to restaurant to eat the meal they had a hand in preparing.

– The menu will be; an appetizer (salad), a main course (pork roast with veggies and rice) and dessert (blueberry tart with cream), containing the ingredients picked from the garden.

– Evening will conclude at the end of the meal, at 7:00 pm.


What are the covid-19 safety precautions being taken?

To protect all visitors and staff all federal and Nova Scotia Health Authority safety guidelines will be followed

Is this an all-ages event?

No, our Harvest Feast is only for ages 19+, and attendees must be able to provide proof of their age.

How do I get there?

When driving to the Fortress of Louisbourg, proceed to Gate 2 where you will be met by a staff member who will admit you into the site. Follow the back road along the Atlantic coastline to the stop sign. Once you are at the stop sign you will take a left towards the Caretakers parking lot where you will park your car for the day/evening.