Fife and Drum Youth Program

Fifes and drums were the radios of the 18th-century military. The fifer’s shrill notes and the drummer’s staccato beats could be heard all across the battlefield. When even a human voice shouting would go unheard, fifers and drummers send out marching orders through their music that kept the regiment moving as a unit.

The Youth Fife and Drum Program has been created to provide an outlet for interested youth with an enthusiasm for history and a talent for music. The fife and drum program provides a chance for teenagers to learn what life was like for a young soldier in a military band in 1744 Louisbourg.

Participants will spend their summer interpreting the life of an 18th-century field musician. This includes wearing a full drummer’s uniform, and kit, practicing marching drills, learning numerous duty calls, tunes, and proper instrument maintenance, and care. For one or two months, modern teenagers will be dressed in 18th-century costumes. You will train with your regiment in marching, drum calls, and maintaining your instrument while playing your part for the visitors of the Fortress of Louisbourg. Not only will it hone your musical skills, but it will also help you build confidence through public speaking and military discipline.

To enroll in the Youth Drum and Fife Program, you must be a member of the Fortress Louisbourg Association and be between the ages of 10 and 16.

Please note: participants must have attended the Fife and Drum Spring Training Program in order to attend during the summer months.