La Sirène and her crew, with a letter of Marque in hand from the King of France, set sail on a noble journey to find a legendary treasure trove of jewels and gold, said to bring wealth and good fortune to the kingdom who commands it. 

A year later the ship sails  into the Louisbourg harbour, empty. With not a soul left aboard the vessel, La Sirène was appropriately diagnosed as a Ghost Ship. Desperate to know what happened and where the treasure lies, Louisbourg’s Governor has hired teams of investigators to solve the mystery; with a reward for those successful in cracking the case. The Governor suspects powerful and mystical forces at play, beware; those who have not discovered the truth in 60 minutes have… disappeared. 

The Ghost Ship (@ 6pm) ; A missing captain, a lost crew.  Can you find the ship’s log? Surely it will have all the answers. 

The Fool’s Gold (@ 6pm); A fool, a betrayal, and a very angry and powerful sea creature. Can you find the precious possession that was stolen, and see it safely returned? 

Bottle of Souls (@ 7:30pm);  A magical glowing bottle, faint voices; the story continues to unravel. Can you undo the curse and free the innocent caught in the crossfire? 

Lost Treasure (@ 7:30pm);  A treasure, a map, and some clues are all that remains; Can you find the legendary fortune that started it all? 

A new adventure in four parts is ready for you, brave investigators and explorers! Each of the four rooms is a different leg of the story; do a room as a stand alone or complete all four to reveal the whole story! This year with a special offer; receive a punch card on your first visit, pay for three rooms and get your fourth one free!* 

*Must be the same ticket holder for all four rooms, one card per group. One card is filled, turn in to staff to receive your special free-room code. Only applicable to the Escape Louisbourg; The Siren’s Curse. Offer expires Sept 2, 2022.

Complete the rooms in under an hour to be entered onto the leader board. The group with the fastest time at the end of the season will receive a special Escape Louisbourg prize! 

Join us on Tuesday to Friday evenings for the duration of the summer to participate in this exhilarating new adventure full of privateers, treasure, spirits, and magical sea creatures. 

The Storehouse Tavern will be open onsite from 5:30 to 7:30 Tuesday to Friday. Enjoy a drink in the tavern before or after your Escape Room experience. 

Escape rooms run for an hour; The Ghost Ship and The Fool’s Gold at 6:00 pm, and The Bottle of Souls and The Lost Treasure at 7:30 pm, Tuesdays to Fridays* from June 28 to September 2. Minimum 3, maximum 6 participants per group.

*Some dates exempt due to other events


What are the Covid-19 safety precautions being taken?

To protect all visitors and staff all federal and Nova Scotia Health Authority safety guidelines will be followed

Is this an all-ages event?

Yes, the Escape Rooms are for all ages! Those attending the tavern will be asked for ID. Alcohol for purchase is only for those 19+. 

How long will the Tavern be open?

The Storehouse Tavern will be open to Escape Room guests to enjoy a drink before or after your escape rooms. The Tavern will be open for guests at 5:30pm and close at 7:30pm, once the 7:30pm rooms start. Should you like to enjoy the offers at the Tavern, please arrive at a time that will allow you to do so. 

How do I get there?

When driving to the Fortress of Louisbourg, proceed to Gate 2 where you will be met by a staff member who will admit you into the site. Follow the back road along the Atlantic coastline to the stop sign. Once you are at the stop sign you will take a left towards the Caretakers parking lot where you will park your car for the evening.

Prices are per room. Minimum 3, maximum 6 people per room.