Cigar Night: Another Storehouse Herf

Cigar Night, another Storehouse Herf

Join us for another enchanting evening of cigars and indulgence! The next “Storehouse Herf” is scheduled for September 29th, from 6 pm to 9 pm, at the Storehouse Tavern located within the historic Fortress of Louisbourg.

This exclusive event guarantees an unforgettable experience filled with relaxation and pleasure. Step into the charming Bigot Garden, adjacent to the tavern, and relish in the delight of three carefully hand-rolled mini cigars sourced from renowned regions. Each cigar will be thoughtfully paired with delectable dishes curated by the talented Chef David Akers, enhancing your tasting journey. Elevate your palate with a selection of exquisite cheeses from Ms. Allen’s Cheese and Cigar Boutique, adding an elegant touch to the evening. [will we use the cheese this time?]

To enhance the ambiance, we are thrilled to present Cape Breton’s very own musical talent, Sonnie Greening, who will serenade you with captivating melodies throughout the night. Let the soothing music transport you to another world as you immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

For those who appreciate fine spirits, we have a treat in store for you. Indulge in an array of exceptional rums and whiskeys, elevating your enjoyment and serving as the perfect complement to your cigars.

Please keep in mind that the “Storehouse Herf” is an exclusive 19+ event, ensuring a sophisticated and refined atmosphere for all attendees.

Don’t miss this extraordinary gathering of aficionados and enthusiasts. Save the date for September 29th, and join us at the Storehouse Tavern within the historic Fortress of Louisbourg. An evening of unparalleled enjoyment awaits you at Cigar Night, another “Storehouse Herf.”