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Experience Fortress Louisbourg : Life in an 18th Century Fortress
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About Us


The Fortress of Louisbourg succeeds in enhancing visitor experiences for thousands of tourists every year and giving hundreds of ordinary modern people the chance to live life in the 18th century. This would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our staff, some of whom have been toiling in relative obscurity for the cause since 1976.

The following is a list their names and contact numbers in case you have any questions or concerns you would like to address to them.

Donnie Wadman
Operations Coordinator
(902) 733-2280 ext.3548

Glenn Williams
Office Administrator
902-733-2280 ext 3548

Ann Pitcher
Food Services Manager
(902) 733-3230

Irma Murray
Gift Shop Manager
(902) 733-2208 or 733-2111

Valerie Lahey
Children’s Program Manager
(902) 733-2280 ext. 3441


Board of Directors 2018

Chip Bird – President
Gerald Lalonde - Vice President
Bea Buckland - Secretary
Eddie Kennedy - Parks Canada Ex-Officio
Brett Hanham
Cindy MacDonald
Dorothy Payne
Eric Leviton-Reid

For more information on joining the Fortress of Louisbourg Association, see our Becoming a Member page.








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According to J.S. McLennan, the expenditure of Louisbourg’s fortifications during the period 1714 to 1758 was slightly over four million livres (or roughly 200,000 pounds in English currency during that era.
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Fortress Rum
The FLA, Parks Canada, and Authentic Seacoast have partnered to store rum behind the massive stone walls of the Fortress as it was stored 300 years ago. Come celebrate Fortress Rum with us
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